Bubble Soccer MichiganGet in on the action!

Bubble Soccer Michigan is the newest sport sensation that’s sweeping the nation! Think of traditional soccer (you know, not using your arms to get the ball around, only your feet) but with a fun twist – you’re wearing an inflatable bubble suit! You and all of your teammates are basically running around like giant bobbleheads without any use of your arms, which makes it difficult to balance. The result? A hilarious soccer game of you and your closest friends running into each other and bouncing off the walls! Bubble soccer at Bouncing Bubbles is guaranteed to be a great time, and you’ll be hooked from the first time you slip on your bubble uniform!

Why settle for a boring night out?

Long gone are the nights of sitting around with friends, wishing there was something better to do. Bubble soccer at Bouncing Bubbles can be played virtually anywhere – all you need is the space to play and two teams! Get together the gang from back in the day or make it a couples outing that puts the previous boring dinner parties to shame. After running around and cracking up at each other’s bobblehead-like soccer skills, you and your friends will have a new favorite Friday night activity – and a lot of inside jokes.

If you’ve been thinking of an idea to get the whole family together that doesn’t involve everyone running around your house, look no further!

Families everywhere love the hilarity that comes from seeing kids, parents, and grandparents play a game of bubble soccer. Play young versus old, girls versus boys, family versus family or mix up the teams at random – no matter who’s playing, it’s going to be a great time that will get everyone up and moving!

Don’t resort to another bowling outing with your employees.

Believe us, they’re over it. Why not try something new and fun to boost company morale around the office? Bubble soccer at Bouncing Bubbles in Michigan is a great team building exercise that your employees will be talking about for months to come! There’s no better way to get coworkers interacting with each other than bouncing around and working together to score!

Ready to schedule your Bubble Soccer Michigan party?

It’s easy! Contact us today and we’ll get you started toward the most fun you’ve ever had! Let us know the number of people, where you want to play and the time and we’ll take it from there! Our packages come with 10 bubbles, a referee, set up and take down service, goals and a soccer ball. Depending on your preferences, game time can range from one to three hours. Flying solo? There are Bubble Soccer Michigan leagues near you! It’s a win-win-WIN: get moving, have fun and meet new people!

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At Bouncing Bubbles, we’re Michigan’s #1 new destination for fun with friends, family, coworkers and other bubble soccer fans! Contact us today to learn more about us or to schedule your next bubble soccer party. Want to rent a bounce house? Check out our partners, Peerless Events!