Soccer Darts FunThis viral craze is sweeping social media – get in on the action yourself!

Soccer darts is a BIG way to have fun at your next event! What is it, you may ask? It’s a hybrid between soccer, a large dartboard, and Velcro! Each player takes turns kicking a Velcro soccer ball at the dartboard and scoring points. It’s essentially large-scale darts that you “throw” with your feet! Watch as all of your party guests get competitive as they try to score the most points. With its growing popularity, this game has become one of Bouncing Bubbles’ most requested rentals!

When your next event demands big fun, you need soccer darts!

Long gone are parties involving your closest friends and/or family sitting around on their phones! Bouncing Bubbles’ soccer darts are the next big trend in party rentals. All that you need to play are space for the huge dartboard and willing players to get the game started! With each dartboard over 14 feet tall, even soccer aficionados will be challenged! No matter the age of your guests, everyone will have a blast playing soccer darts. It’s a fun way to get everyone up, moving and competitive! Bouncing Bubbles’ soccer dart rentals are perfect for birthdays, graduations, corporate team building events, after parties and even just because!

How do I set up soccer darts?

You don’t! Bouncing Bubbles arrives at the scene of your party with all of the equipment, including the dartboard, Velcro soccer balls and anything else you’ll need to get the game started. We set up all of the equipment, so you can simply sit back, relax and wait for the fun to begin! After your party is over, don’t worry about taking down the dartboard and gathering all of the equipment; we take down all of it so you don’t have to!

How do I play?

Soccer darts is played by kicking a Velcro soccer ball at different parts of a Velcro dartboard. Each player counts their points as they go, and whoever has the most points at the end of the designated time wins! Each section of the dartboard has certain numbers, or points, assigned to it. The board is numbered from 1-20 points. Each player will walk up, kick the ball and check where the ball lands. If the Velcro soccer ball sticks to the black or white sections, the shooter gets that same number of points. If it lands on the inner red and black ring, then the shooter doubles the score! If the kicker hits the outer red and black ring, then the score is tripled! If the shooter kicks it into the red dot in the middle of the dartboard, they automatically win 50 points. Get a bullseye and the kicker gets 25 points. Learn even more by watching the pros!

What are you waiting for? Keep your guests talking with the new party game that’s sweeping the nation – soccer darts! Contact Bouncing Bubbles today to schedule your soccer darts rental.