Soccer Darts Now Available!

Bouncing Bubbles is happy to introduce Soccer Darts, the latest in exhilarating inflatable sports and games; that we are excited to add to our collection! “Soccer Darts” also known as “Foot Darts,” became a major attraction in the Uk early 2016. In under a year, its popularity has grown and stretched from Europe to the US, And now we are bringing it to you!

Everyone knows, that a friendly game of darts can be used for many common bar situations; Maybe to settle a score between a Pool game rival, kill some time with a friend, or perhaps even to use as an opener to small talk with a stranger!

Well once again, the world of inflatables have taken this classic bar pass time and kicked it up a few levels! Soccer darts is a game that uses an inflatable dart board, that stands over 20ft tall, having huge Velcro circles forming the likeness of a standardized dart board. But no need for hand eye coordination for these matches, this game is also a sport! That’s right; with “Soccer Darts” you will be kicking your way to the Bulls Eye! Each player is given several inflatable round felted soccer balls, designed to accurately stick to the Velcro, surrounding the inflated board. Like the rules of the traditional game, your goal is to accumulate as many points on your turn as possible, in order to beat your opponent.

Although this game is modeled after the basic concept of darts; one of The absolute coolest things about this sport, is that you can customize your own game and challenges! Soccer darts provide a range of awesome different game modes, allowing a selection of inflatable balls and sticks to be thrown, hit and kicked at the gigantic Velcro board- Tennis Darts, Cricket Darts and baseball darts just to name a few!

If you can kick, you can play! Inflatable dart games it’s suitable for all ages, and safe enough to be played with no supervision, however we provide coaches and instructors for each game; so parents can rest with no concern, or can come and join the fun!

Bouncing Bubble is one if the leading vendors, in inflatable fun, visit our site to see the variety of many other mind blowing games we provide. Remember the one thing we guarantee, is fun!

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