How to Play and Enjoy Archery Tag

Play Archery Tag in Michigan with Bouncing Bubbles Soccer

Play Archery Tag in Michigan with Bouncing Bubbles SoccerFor the past few years, our team at Bouncing Bubbles Soccer has been the main source of fun for many Metro Detroit and the rest of Michigan residents. We have a variety of extremely fun games that are nothing like the games most people are used to. These include our main and first game soccer bubble and the recently added soccer darts and archery tag. People love all Bouncing Bubbles Soccer games because they are easy to play, fun, and can be played by people of all ages. Also, the games come at a friendly price and can be brought to your location of choice in Michigan.

Archery tag is one of the latest additions to our games list and has gained quite a number of fans. While the game has been in existence for over six years, we are the first reliable company to get a license to bring it closer to Michigan residents who may have been wondering; is there archery tag near me?
While the game is pretty straightforward to understand and play, you need to consider a few things before you request for the game. Our main goal at Bouncing Bubbles Soccer is not pure profit but for our clients to be so happy with our services that they request them over and over again. The following are a few tips to make archery tag as much fun as possible for you:

1. Get Enough Friends

Archery tag is one of those games that must be played with a group of friends. First, you need two teams who are going to be facing off against each other. The minimum number of people that should be playing is 8, with each team having 4 players. However, the ideal minimum number is 5 players on each team. You also need a referee to ensure all rules are followed and also to decide whether a player is “dead” or not. Keep in mind people will try to cheat.

2. Make it Interesting

Playing just for fun is for losers. The real fun is having something to fight for, like a trophy. For instance, when playing with friends, you could decide that the losing team has to buy drinks for the winning team. The prize has to be good enough such that people will put in more effort and be more motivated to win. Each team should have a name and if possible, a uniform.

3. Follow the Rules

Every game has rules. If they are not followed, the game becomes meaningless to play or even watch. Archery tag also has a number of rules that must be followed to keep everything interesting and in order. The main rule is that if you are hit by an arrow from the opposing team, you have to leave to leave the playing area since you are “dead”. The only way to get back is if your teammates save you. Another important rule is that a player cannot be shot when in the safe zone. You should get an impartial referee to enforce all the rules and all players should respect his decisions.

There you have it, folks. you can Get in touch with Bouncing Bubbles Soccer today and test your archery skills to the maximum. We are sure you will find our prices very friendly.

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