New World, New Era, New Sports!

In the ever changing world of technology and science, we sometime forget about the advancements that have evolved in sports and recreational games. Ok, to be fair; when you can travel to space or visit the captivating museums of Paris, all within seconds using virtual reality; surely it can be easy to forget about life in the outdoors! Well come on back from space, and step away from VR! Because it is not just the tech age that have evolved into a new generation of adventure.

Today, entrepreneurs and “Gamers” alike, are putting brain power into the next level of athleticism and sports. In only half a decade, we have taken a leap in a whole new direction of fun. Everything from becoming a human bowling ball, to sledding down mountains inside a bubble! It’s clear that our future of leisure activities, definitely will not disappoint. Let us review and highlight a few of the latest, and trending games that has hit the fields across the nation in 2016.

How about we begin with a hit new game names “Fowling” you heard it right, and it’s played just how it sounds. “Fowling” is a hybrid game that combines two of the most recognizable sports in history, American football and bowling! The primary object of the game, is for assembled teams to compete against each other, to be the first to knock down all 10 of their opponents bowling pins. Simple enough? Here’s the twist, Replace the bowling ball with a football; now try hurling that down the lane to victory! Yes, this sport is corky, but in all the right ways; and filled with loads of fun. Ranging from ages 15 and up, this game have everything you need to enjoy a great night out with friends, and perfect for a large groups, and parties. After all, it’s 2 games in one!

Let’s get to the second game on the list. Ok, so have you ever been in an intense game of pool? There you are, standing there in front of an impossible shot and you think, I wish I could just drop this stick, and just manually move the ball? Well in this new game, the rules say you can! Except there the table is 10x larger, the balls are soccer balls, and you use can only use your feet! Intrigued? Then make way for “Human Pool” a smashing new sport that uses soccer balls instead of pool balls, which allows you to easily maneuver and kick; all while cascading across a large human sized pool table. Like the traditional game of pool, the table consist of 6 pockets around the table, both stripped and solid balls, with a white ball for the cue, but there is no stick, the only way to see a win in this game, is by kicking your way to the top! Good for 1 to 2 players, you can choose to play with either 8 or 9 balls. If you have a pulse; there is literally no way you can walk away from this phenomenon, without a smile.

Here we are! Down to our last, but surely not the least; the game that has everyone screaming for “More” And I do mean screaming! Introducing “Human Bowling.” Unlike fowling where you throw a football at bowling pins, from a steady and controlled distance! Let’s just say this sport requires a little more self-involvement! “Human Bowling” uses the invention of large inflatable balls, which allow a single person to climb in, strap down and take on the “roll” of a bowling ball. Once inside, the player runs forward in order to build momentum with the objective to completely knock over, up to six large foam pins. You may lose your sense of gravity, but when you’re head stop spinning you’ll rave that this is an activity for the “Must do” list. Appropriate for ages 5 and up, this is like a game that the whole family can enjoy.

Well there you have it, three new reasons to not be bored this weekend! Stay tuned, because at “Bouncing Bubbles,” we are here to keep you informed on the latest trends in sports, and sure to keep you active all year round. We provide service and access to a variety of the leading industry games. For more information or to schedule a game, please contact us, or follow us on Facebook.

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