Bubble Soccer

Make Way For Bubble Soccer!

Hooray! Touchdown! Score! for every sport, we have a classic shout of declaration, proclaiming victory in the name of teamwork. Well its time make way for Bubble Soccer! a new and upcoming sport that’s sweeping the nation by storm; and one that is sure to have you shouting from the rafters.

By popular demand, this exhilarating game hit the fields all across america just a few years ago. The introduction to the concept was originally aired on the FOX network series “Shark Tank” in 2007. It was introduced as a new universal game, that can be enjoyed and played by all ages, and developed to be sold as a franchise model to entrepreneurs who wish to bring the Sport to their city.

The game allows players to be fully encased inside a large protective plastic bubble  from the waist up. This innovative, and patented idea allows the player to not only play the traditional game of soccer; but enables the ability to kick and run with full functionality, so that your practically the tumbling, chaotic ball within the game. The Sharks didn’t quite get the concept  at the time, but the rest of the country definitly  did. In the past 3 years, Bubble Soccer have become the game that everyone love, and wants to play.

Talk about a multiple personality, this Sport has many faces. Originally the sport was referred to as Bubble Soccer, primarily because the game rules and structure was intentionally constructed around Soccer. But now teams and owners alike, are re-branding and renaming their franchise to be something altogether new; By implementing different games & providing new and fun creative challenges to their customers.

This summer, Bouncing Bubbles has done just that! They have become one of the forerunners to come in, take lead and seemingly dominate the industry in Michigan. Someone put on a really cool thinking cap at their meetings! Bouncing Bubbles has one of the widest range and variety of original games, that are alternative to Soccer.

Be the “last Man Standing,” a game where you and your team run and dodge other players up and down the field, but once your down, your down to stay! but, the last man standing takes the win. Or how about being “The king of the box.” In this fan favorite, you must hold your title of Reigning king; however your not battling an opposing team, you’re battling everyone. Bouncing Bubbles also has All star games, small games of two, big games of twenty, and so much more!

Whether you’d like to celebrate a birthday, host a school game, or just enjoy your last day as a bachelor Bouncing Bubbles provides a number of games to choose from, and also enable you to customize your own game. Don’t let this summer pass without treating yourself to the game that have been all the rave! lets face it, its an experience that you have to try in order to explain. Please visit our booking page and learn more about how to schedule a game in your area!

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