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Bubble Soccer

Welcome to the most fun and exciting new activity bringing people together that’s come to our area. The basic set-up is based off the game everyone is familiar with- soccer (European football). What makes it such a unique and thrilling new form of entertainment is the plastic bubble suit one wears over the top portion of the body, turning them into a human bouncy ball. This specially designed bubble suit makes it impossible to use your upper body at all, adding a silly, yet competitive twist to a beloved past-time sport. Bubble soccer is going to be your new favorite game to play.

Who Can Play?

Not only is Bubble Soccer the new, hot, trending game making it’s way into Michigan, but it can be played and enjoyed by almost ANYONE! Whether you’re the 10 year old wanting to do something out of the boring ordinary for your birthday party, or you’re the CEO of a startup trying to bring coworkers together and increase the company culture! We’ve serviced almost every scenario there is and they all end in fun! Let your boss know that you’re ready to spice up the next company outing and book your Bubble Soccer Michigan appointment today!

How Do You Play?

Everyone playing Bubble Soccer puts on an inflatable bubble suit. This Bubble Soccer suit goes over the head and upper torso, weighs about twenty pounds, and renders the upper body from movement outside of the bubble, making it impossible to touch anyone else on the field. Essentially, you become a human bobble head without arms. The game of Bubble Soccer is played just like regular soccer with a Bubble Soccer ball, instead of a regular soccer ball. Two teams, each with a goalie, line up to pass the Bubble Soccer ball, also called Battle Balls, around, trying to score against the opposite team. All you need to get started is the bubble soccer equipment and enough friends and family to form two bubble soccer teams. Official Bubble Soccer rules and regulations can be found at the Bubble Soccer USA website.

Where Can You Play?

Bubble soccer can be played almost anywhere you can make room for it. There are indoor courts specifically designed for organized games of Bubble Soccer all around the Michigan and metro Detroit area, but you can set up a game anywhere with enough space – from rental halls to community parks, to your own backyard. Bubble soccer rental is easy and allows you to bring the game wherever you go.

Why Play Bubble Soccer?

BECAUSE IT IS FUN!!!! Bubble soccer is a great addition to any special occasion to liven up the party and provide hours of entertainment to your guests. You can play the game of Bubble soccer at graduation parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, family reunions, anniversary gatherings, school fundraisers, and charity functions. With the thrill of bumping around the field in Bubble suits and the excitement of soccer, your next special occasion will be a hit with the game of Bubble Soccer. Besides the fun factor, this is a wonderful way to get out and get moving. It isn’t everyday exercise can be had while having a blast – and a game gives you the best of both worlds. What are you waiting for? Book your game today!